Be personally invested. Be passionately invested. Be truly invested.

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Be Invested.

Being invested means committing to something. Embracing it. Dedicating your energy, time and resources to it. It’s about maximizing your unique assets and minimizing your liabilities. And we’re not even talking about finances yet. We’re talking about your aspirations, your passions, your investment in the things you love most in life.

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A world truly invested.

At Silicon Hills Wealth Management, we envision a future where our society cares about creating happiness beyond wealth. We’ve built a team based on diversity of thought, skillset, background, gender, and experiences. We’re unified by a passion and commitment for personalized wealth management, uniquely structured to accommodate your individual interests and priorities.

Meet the Team

personally, passionately, and truly invested

We purposely put those words together.

These words set the framework on how we build trust and develop a line of communication that helps you achieve the outcome you’re aiming for. We care personally about you, we passionately obsess over the smallest of financial details, and we remain truly committed to telling you what is going well and not well.

Please explore our website, read an article or two, listen to couple of podcasts and then decide if this is the team you want to meet and learn more about.

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Believe it or not, bull and bear fights were a once popular blood sport introduced by the Spanish conquistadors that ultimately became quite popular across California throughout much of...
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Roth conversions provide a unique planning opportunity for certain investors looking to minimize their future tax liability. Below, we will discuss the following: What is a Roth IRA? What...
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Stacked: A Conversation with Corey Hoffstein

March 15, 2023 / BY James Werner, CFP®

On this episode of Voice From the Hills, we discuss various topics related to investing and portfolio management.

  • Corey Hoffstein explains how investors often misapply probabilities and trends and introduces the concept of return stacking.
  • The conversation touches on asset location and its relationship with tax efficiency, with the importance of considering the vehicles used in the implementation process for maximum tax efficiency.
  • The episode also includes personal anecdotes from Hoffstein about his family traditions and values that have served him well in athletic and business endeavors.