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Our Philosophy

Being invested means committing to something. Embracing it. Dedicating your energy, time and resources to it. It’s about maximizing your unique assets and minimizing your liabilities. And we’re not even talking about finances yet. We’re talking about your aspirations, your passions, your investment in the things you love most in life.

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  • Be personally invested

    Financial Planning and Integrated Investments

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  • Be passionately invested.

    Charitable Giving and Philanthropic Planning

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  • Be progressively invested

    Impact Investing and Supporting Social Good

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Our Leadership

At Silicon Hills Wealth Management, we believe money is personal, people are fascinating, and wealth is only as valuable as the joy and fulfillment it delivers for you, your family, your community, and the world in which you live.

  • Wealth Advisor, Philanthropic Planner

    “Our clients are on a journey to build a secure financial future, make a difference, and leave a lasting legacy. We walk alongside them, sharing in their passions and providing solutions when challenges arise.”

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  • Wealth Advisor, Investments Engineer

    “We live in an age of unprecedented access to investment opportunities. Raise your game – being invested means so much more – keen understanding of the marketplace has never been more important.”

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  • Wealth Advisor, Women’s Advocate

    “In our fast-paced world, you only lose if you do nothing. Our financial lives are too deeply connected to everything we care about to not act. Taking that next step forward will always get you closer to where you want to be.”

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Our Work

We provide exceptionally personalized financial planning services, specially designed to impact people’s lives for the better at every level, for a world truly invested.


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