Our Process

At Silicon Hills Wealth, we practice holistic wealth management which entails all facets of a client’s financial world.

Investment management is one component to a sound financial plan and a tool we utilize to help our clients achieve their goals without taking unneeded risks. Holistic wealth management means going beyond the scope of investment management and diving into all areas of financial planning:

Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Social Security & Medicare Analysis
Education Funding
Insurance & Risk Management

Successful wealth planning can only be achieved with transparency as both a committed advisor and client work together in tandem to share and collaborate on these various topics.

Holistic Wealth Management

Includes all sources of capital and cash flow:

  • Real estate & mortgages
  • Human capital, social security, pensions
  • Business income
  • Estate flows, insurance, royalties
  • Investment accounts

Focuses on Outcomes

  • Personal spending needs
  • Primary objectives
  • Charity

Addresses All Risks

  • Market volatility
  • Property & income protection

Apply Wealth Solutions

  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax minimization
  • Lending & Banking
  • Entity structure

Portfolio Engineering

  • Allow inputs to determine risk allocation