We strive to create a path for clients to achieve what they really want to do but struggle to accomplish on their own.

We work together to develop a personalized Charitable Mission Statement and that aligns with our client’s drive to give. We then design a Giving Allocation Plan that incorporates charities they may already feel passionately about and introduce new organizations that support their areas of interest.

As a part of our due diligence process, we carefully review each charity to ensure clients have peace of mind that their contributions are effectively used to assist the causes they care about most.

Once clients have agreed on which organizations they want to support, we structure and implement a Funding Program in order to optimize each client’s specific situation. Among the various strategies available, we may include donor advised funds to receive gifts of appreciated stock and Qualified Charitable Donations (QCDs) in lieu of receiving an annual Required Minimum Distribution. Our goal with funding is to maximize each client’s most tax-efficient assets and provides clients the time necessary to make thoughtful grants to their specific charitable initiatives and programs.

To ensure charitable contributions are properly reported and charitable wishes are clearly designated, we aim to proactively lead engagements with each client’s charitable support network – most often involving accountants and estate planners, as well as custodians of retirement accounts and the leads at the charitable organizations.

It is our goal to regularly review our client’s charitable and philanthropic efforts and celebrate their journey as they make tremendous financial impact to their community.

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