At Silicon Hills Wealth Management, we view impact investing as an opportunity for clients to extend the social and environmental good coupled with a desire for financial returns. Through our guidance, we help clients reach beyond their local communities to address broader issues that impact our society at large.

Whether you’re passionate about renewable energy resources, accessibility of clean water, quality of education, or economic growth we recognize each impact investor has an expectation of returns as unique as their passions. We guide clients through a meaningful process to determine what portion of their overall portfolio to align directly with their core values, ensuring it makes sense within their long-term financial plan.
Our investment methodology continues to serve as our foundation, building “core-satellite” portfolios that involve investments in the public market as well as the private market, personalized to each client’s drive to do good.

Core Portfolio

This first phase of impact investing is based on restriction – eliminating negative impact components. The goal is to essentially do good, while doing no harm. We design core portfolios that match each client’s long-term risk tolerance while restricting exposure to client-specified industries such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and defense, as well as companies that conduct environmentally damaging processes.


We address the specific areas of impact each client finds most meaningful through personal value-driven investment opportunities in the public and private market.

A significant amount of research has been completed on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, across a wide variety of strategies. The conclusion is that impact investing strategies perform closely in line with traditional strategies in the broader market1.

We see impact investing serving a specific purpose in a client’s overall financial plan – enabling them to make meaningful investments towards generating positive social and environmental impact while still pursuing a financial return.

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