Regardless of your location, the possibility of a disaster occurring with little advance notice is real. How do you protect your critical documents, photos, and information? How do you operate your business when the unforeseen strikes?

Our internal process and some important tips may help you plan and recover if disaster strikes you.

  1. Take Inventory
    Make a list of all your critical documents, files, photos etc. along with how and where they are held. Could they be destroyed or lost?

    How Silicon Hills Can Help: We can help provide a list of the critical financial and estate documents needed as well as a guideline for how and how long they are to be maintained.

  2. Make Copies
    You should consider digitizing and storing copies of all your vital documents. Consider keeping hard to replace originals off-site in a secure location.

    How Silicon Hills Can Help: Your eMoney vault is an excellent resource for storing critical documents. You can choose to share the docs with us or maintain them in a private setting. We can assist with new passwords and file organization.

  3. Take Note
    It’s a good idea to make note of where the back-ups are located, whether they are backed up on the cloud or off-site.

    How Silicon Hills Can Help: Focus on the what, where, who and how concept. What is being stored, where is it, who is there to help, and how is it accessed.

  4. Check Mobile
    Much of our daily lives are carried out and stored on mobile devices. Make sure you know how/where data is backed up and current with payments to the back-up provider.

    How Silicon Hills Can Help: Most cell providers offer extensive cloud storage. Make sure you know who is providing the storage, you can view files independent of your mobile device, and you keep contact and credit card information current with the provider

  5. Fake Disaster
    There’s nothing like a trial run to show you where the holes are. If disaster struck could you get to all your critical docs? Do you know the passwords? Are your email addresses for recovery up-to-date?

    How Silicon Hills Can Help: We can provide you a copy of our Disaster & Recovery process to help you determine areas to test. We can also help you understand where to get copies of critical financial documents if they are lost or destroyed.

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