We are firm believers that a well-defined charitable mission statement is the cornerstone of your charitable planning. Developing a meaningful mission/vision statement is part art and part science.

Past behavior can help you discern your mission. Starting with creating an inventory of charitable causes you previously supported and how you supported them (donations/volunteer) is an essential step. Reviewing your charitable history, you may find patterns or commonality in the cause or causes you support, how you provide support and what motivates you to give.

If you don’t have a history of charitable giving, but would like to incorporate it, we have developed a formula to help you build your mission.

Who + What + Why + How + Where + Because = Mission Statement

An Example:

  • Who: I am… a believer in education.
  • What: I seek to help… support teachers and educational institutions.
  • Why: My goal is to… improve the readiness of our children.
  • How: I will do so by… donating funds to build classrooms, hire teachers, and purchase equipment.
  • Where: I will focus my efforts on… educational support groups operating within the United States.
  • Because: I believe…Education is the key to our future.
  • Mission: We are believers in education eager to support our educational institutions and teachers. We hope to improve the readiness of our children through financial support to help build classrooms, hire teachers, and provide the latest equipment to our students within the United States of America. Education is the key to our future.

Check out Putting It All Together for more sample mission statements. If you need assistance with crafting your own personal mission statement, we can help.

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